so, you’re having a party !

gelato bar basic package

$600 | 4 flavors | serves ~200 people

You choose the flavors from any flavor made on our Instagram. Have more people to serve than 200 or want larger portions? No problem, just add on gallons ala carte at $50 per gallon. Please click the contact us button if you want a Gelato Bar!

transport fee

$150-200 depending on the destination.

We take care of loading the van with the freezer and drive to your destination with everything. This is a must if you are buying the gelato bar package. Gelato Bar must be picked up for the return journey by 9:45pm at the latest.

Please click the contact us button for details


No servers needed!

Have your own caterers to serve your gelato bar? Want to save some money? Want to serve yourself? Or how about we make the bar self-serve for our guests!

No problem! This option is FREE!

Server to Scoop?

Yes please! Servers will scoop for 2 hours.

1 Server = $150-200, 2 Servers = $300 - $400

I have a small budget
— what are my options ?


We love the DIY spirit! Why hire when you can DIY?!

This can be the perfect solution to your budget! $50 per gallon, (gallon is the minimum size). Choose any flavor on the Via Instagram. Contact us and order minimum 7 days in advance. Cups, spoons, napkins NOT included, but you can DIY it and source them yourself or buy them from us ala carte, just email us for a price list of the items you need. Then come pick it up on the day you specify and we will have it ready! We are earth friendly and do not put DIY gallons into disposable containers. We use reusable metal pans, so, you will need to leave a check or cash deposit of $50 per pan. We give you the deposit when you give us our pan back later that week!

wait, but I don’t have a freezer…

Understandable. Who does have a freezer large enough to store a bunch of pans ice cream? Oh, wait, that’s us.

You can rent our freezer for $50 an hour or $150 per day. Problem solved!

You come pick it up, and put it inside your truck. Bring it back within 24 hours! Otherwise you’re renting another day.


I want lots of flavors, but not lots of gallons…

Ok got it. You would probably do best with pints. Pints are limited to flavors we are currently serving at the shop at the time of order. We might have some other flavors in the pint freezer, but no guarantees. Contact us, and we will give you a list to choose from. I want to know what are those flavors right now? Just jump onto our “Now Serving” page and look at the menu. Voila! You still have to contact us below to make the order.

PINTS $8 each

Hmmmm I have more questions

Ok, no problem. We’re here for you

Click on the contact us button and fire away.