Month to Month Shiso Subscription

Month to Month Shiso Subscription

21.00 every month

Not sure how long you want to commit to a Shiso Subscription? Not sure if your friend will like this as a gift? No problem! Get the month to month Shiso Subscription plan. You can cancel anytime. So go with the Shiso subscription as long as you like and add on or get a different subscription for variety later on!

Three pints of these set Shiso flavors every month guaranteed each month: 1 pint Lihing Shiso, 1 pint Strawberry Ume Shiso, 1 pint wildcard shiso flavor. This subscription saves you stress from rushing over to get your shiso pint before it’s sold out, prime access to the wildcard shiso flavors rarely available, and $3 savings on the pints for each month. Hoard the pints all to yourself, or give away and share! Wildcard flavors rotate every six months and might not repeat again, depending on ingredient availability. So join now to lock in your chance at all the seasonal wildcard shiso flavors!


— Subscriptions are filled ready for pick up on the 1st Friday of every month. 

— You have 10 days to pick up your subscription from the 1st Friday when it is available.  After that, your order will be released to the public to buy. 

— Can’t come personally to pick it up? No problem, send anyone you like and we will hand over your subscription to them when they let us know who they are picking up for.

— If you miss your pick up, you are not entitled to a refund.  We will however allow you a selection of three pints only during the month of the pick up if your subscription was released to the public and you come within the month to get three other pints.  The THREE pints MUST ALL BE PICKED UP AT THE SAME TIME! 

— Other than the exception described, subscriptions are not available for refunds or exchanges. 

— This Month to Month Subscription can be cancelled at anytime.

— We collect subscription signups for the following month. For example, a subscription bought in June 2019, entitles you to the pick up that starts the first Friday of July 2019